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After your order has been submitted there can be No Returns or Refunds issued us to the custom nature of our items. Shop credit is only form of return.


You can cancel your order within 48hrs of the time the order was placed, if you contact us for a return anytime outside of that time period we make no guarantees please email 


Our current turn around time is 14 busdays this does NOT include shipping time. This is subject to change due to unforeseeable changes and complications that could arise with COVID, inclement weather, illness, etc.


All custom items or items sold as “second” are NOT eligible for returns, refunds or exchanges. We will not change addresses after orders have been placed. Please ensure that you have the correct updated address listed. Any orders placed will ship to the address provided. In the event you need a change of address, please contact USPS.


Crown Boxes are individually quality checked before they are packaged and shipped through third party services. RYR stands by its products and prides itself on superior customer services however, RYR will not be held liable for any discrepancy(s) with third party entities. Crown boxes should be opened and inspected for any damage upon arrival to you.

The replacement of broken crown boxes will be discussed on a case by case basis due to the nature of how crown box shipments are received.


Discounts will not be refunded. If discounts are not used during the time of purchase, they will not be applied at a later date.


Once an item has been scanned into USPS we are no longer the responsible party when it comes to your package, your items are not guaranteed by us. You will need to contact USPS for any additional updates once packages have been scanned into USPS or other carrier service.

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