The Ultimate Pageant Prepper

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Unlike ANYTHING on the market - our Ultimate Pageant Prepper is packed with secrets and tips from the pageant industry’s TOP professionals!

We got the inside scoop from Crown Captors Consulting, The Queen's Magnet, Caitlyn Kent Designs, Capital Crowns Consulting, The Crowning Planner, Royal Queen Bee Coaching and Pageant Direct Design and included all of their TOP TIPS for maximizing your social media presence, being a magnetic titleholder, making the most out of every coaching session, what you need to create a winning wardrobe, and more!

The Ultimate Pageant Prepper also features ALL of these tools:
• Our exclusive “Sanity Saver” Planning System for Pageant Week (includes 10 days & one sticker set - add another set for multiple pageants/competitors!) 
• Expense Trackers
• Wardrobe Planners
• Travel Itinerary Makers
• Packing Lists
• Coaching Trackers
• Intro Writing Help
• 365 Days of Social Media Post Ideas
• Community Service Trackers
• Must-Have Items

…plus a pocket divider for storing photos, fabric swatches, titleholder contracts, and more - all in a compact, easy-to-travel-with binder!

The Ultimate Pageant Prepper is packed with everything you need to plan, organize, track, and manifest that crown right to your head!